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Anna & Salene

If you have love and wisdom to give, you are rich. It was the end of long day, my last class having ended, and I was rushing to the subway station to catch the 5:30pm train back to Lowell. I saw a woman … Continue reading

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Sunday. 04.20.14

I’m sitting outside Tago Jazz Cafe along Justice Lourdes Paredes San Diego Avenue, listening to the live music floating out through the open glass door; absorbing the night.  I see an old man walking around, aimlessly.  He talks himself, gesturing to … Continue reading

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As I look into the children’s faces

Green. Orange. Red. The traffic light.  I was five then,  coming home from school, sitting at the backseat of the car, waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and looking silently out the window.  There were children in the … Continue reading

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